Buy This Browns Tailgate "Brownsbulance" — $4000 (OBO)

“Brownsbulance” is such a great name for a tailgate mobile, it’s just too bad that it’s wasted on such a bum ass team. Tailgate ambulances have kind of fallen off the map recently. It seems like we used to have them all of the time and I love them because I have no idea how these people are able to get an actual ambulance to trick out.
More from the seller:

Here it is the tailgate mobile you have been looking for. Has all the compartments you need. Runs great lots of room in the back box there are 2 bench seats and more compartment for storage, you can fit 8 people in back very comfortable. Body is in great shape has a chevy 350cu inch. Comes with Grill that goes on rear hitch. Very Cool old ambulance. Could also be a great work truck or camper. All lights work. Has 4 new tires and brand new exhaust and battery. Has Professional paint job and decals. You won’t find a nicer tailgate mobile or BROWNSBULANCE. 4000$ OBO.

Coming with a grill that attaches to the hitch is clutch. You buy this bad boy and you don’t even need to go out an buy one of the essentials for tailgating. There’s also plenty of room on the inside to cram a bunch of people and other things you might need.
Sidenote: Someone using this as a work truck would be pretty ridiculous.

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The Oregon Duck Takes Down Steve Sarkisian
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