Buy Ernest Wilford’s Custom 1967 Ford Mustang — Just $109,900


Any Ford Mustang collectors out there looking for a new addition to the collection? If so, former Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Ernest Wilford has something you probably don’t have: a custom 1967 Fastback Mustang. (Yes, the Ernest Wilford who was tasered after allegedly groping waitresses on his birthday.)

It only has about 2,755 miles on it but has a ridiculous asking price of $109,900.

Details from the seller:

Full rotisserie restoration one-off fastback Restomod Mustang show car! Originally commissioned by NFL football player Ernest Wilford and built by the renowned Bowtie South in 2012.

Under the hood is a 500HP bored and stroked 351 Windsor V8, punched to 427 cubic inches, built by Ford Performance Solutions with a hydraulic roller cam, lifters and rockers, Super Victor Jr. Aluminum heads,Mighty Demon 850 carburetor, and Canton 7quart oil pan with screens. The transmission is a Tremec 600 5 speed on the floor with a Tremec Lakewood bell housing and multi finger clutch. All that good stuff transfers the power to the Curry 9 inch traction lock posi rear end with 373 gears via a custom built aluminum drive shaft complete with a safety loop. Everything is new, not rebuilt!

Honestly, this thing is the very definition of a midlife crisis purchase. There’s nothing like a vintage Mustang to relive the glory days, loaded with horsepower you can’t use because there’s traffic everywhere. The price is absolutely ridiculous, but hey, if you’re flushed with cash, why not?!