Kelly Stafford Gives Us Her Version of the Jumpman Pose

Kelly Hall-Stafford is on fire today. No, she didn’t hit the gym to rain threes again, but she did take to Instagram to eviscerate the new E! show, WAGS.

Suffice it to say, she didn’t find the reality show version of the “wag” lifestyle to be very accurate:

this show is supposed to depict the lives of professional athletes significant others. After watching the preview I can’t help but laugh.. Whoever wastes their time watching this, just know, not every “WAG” lives that same life and acts this way. E! Network, this is yet another HUGE stretch.#ihaterealityTV #nothingrealaboutit

Kelly then moved on to more important things, like attempting to throw down a dunk on one of those trampoline courts. As you can see above, it didn’t go very well, but she did pay homage to Michael Jordan’s iconic Jumpman pose.

[Kelly Stafford- IG]

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