Florida Trucker Man Busted Upskirting At New Jersey Walmart

I think it was Jimbo Fisher who once said you can take a Florida Man out of Florida, but you can’t take the Florida out of a Florida Man. Or something like that. Take this story out of New Jersey where a Walmart security team made a major bust on a Florida Trucker Man who went upskirting at stores — for fun.
According to NBC 10:

Geovanni Varona, 44, of Haileah, Florida is charged with invasion of privacy. Police say Varona was inside the Walmart on the 2100 block of Mount Holly Road in Burlington Township Sunday afternoon when he took out his cellphone, stuck it under a woman’s dress and began recording.
A Walmart employee called police who later confirmed Varona committed the act which investigators say was also captured on surveillance video. Varona was also captured on surveillance looking at the video on his cellphone, investigators said. The victim told police she was unaware she was being recorded.
“We believe actually there might be more victims out there, we just haven’t been able to identify any in Burlington Township and other states possibly” Detective Bird said. “It doesn’t look like this is his first time. He’s a truck driver who drives up and down the east coast and has made other stops. He believes that this is something for fun to do.

I’m just sitting here trying to figure out how Geovanni has never had his ass knocked out doing this. It’s not like this is his first rodeo. When he says it’s something fun to do, I’d suspect this dude has bodies buried somewhere. Again, you’re dealing with a Florida Trucker Man.
Just a guess: he’s done this at least a hundred times. Serial. And you’d think his name would come up on a Google search for guys who had their noses broken in a Walmart brawl. Not Varona. Can’t find anything on this scumbag.
In fact, this guy has a zero Google profile. No prior mugshots. No record on those “Find A Person” sites where you stalk old girlfriends that claim to be free, but it’ll cost you like $99 to get her phone number.
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