Florida Man Sustains Injuries After Dryer He Used for Target Practice Explodes

I’m not a gun guy, but I totally understand the appeal of going out to shoot random things, like an old clothes dryer, for target practice. It’s America, we have the right to bear arms and shoot inanimate objects with our bros for fun. However, lines must be drawn to prevent serious injury.
For instance, loading said dryer with explosives before shooting it? Probably a bad idea — so it makes total sense that a Florida man and his friends did just that Saturday.
The details from WESH Orlando:

A Port Orange man was hit by a large piece of shrapnel after he and his friends blew up an old clothes dryer.
The three friends, aged between 20 and 25, brought the old appliance for target practice to some woods on Maytown Road, near Interstate 95, in Oak Hill on Saturday afternoon.
The men filled the dryer with two pounds of explosive material and shot at it with a rifle.

Amazing stuff, Florida. Three human beings actually thought this would be a sound way to spend their Saturday. Florida news never ceases to amaze me.
Oh, and according to the report, the injured man only suffered a laceration so it’s cool to laugh.

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