Philly Police on Hunt for Flyers Fan Who Stole Donation Jar

Philadelphia sports fans don’t have the greatest reputation in the world, and this classless convenience store theft probably won’t remedy that.

Police in Philly are currently seeking information on a man who stole a donation jar right off a convenience store counter. As you can see in the video above, the man wore a very subtle bright orange Philadelphia Flyers hoodie.

Details of the crime (via NBC Philadelphia):

In the video from around 6:25 that morning you see the medium-built, clean-shaven man – who donned a bright orange Flyers hoodie and dark sweatpants – pull his white sedan into a disabled parking zone. He then enters the store and approaches the counter where the jar sat in front of a register.

You can see the man – who also wore a white “NY” hat under his hood – touching the jar then looking around as people line up to check out. After a short period of time the man quickly leaves the store – donation jar in hand.

A Flyers fan rocking a New York hat? Perhaps he knows the Red Sox-Yankees fan who’s been robbing banks in Suffolk County.

[H/T to @MikeTweetery]