J.J. Watt Is Filming A Ford Commercial You’ll Be Seeing For The Next 6 Months


Say hello to your new NFL advertising darling, J.J. Watt. Remember the first fall when you got tired of seeing Peyton Manning in a Buick? Get ready to see Watt in a Ford commercial with what looks like a chocolate lab.

Houston office monkeys are on social media today jabbering about this Ford commercial. Women are losing their minds over dreamy J.J. Men are calculating the amount of growth hormone it would take to look like J.J. Ford is calculating how many trucks they’re about to sell to men who want to be Watt.

Advertisers: Pay this man. He’ll sell so many damn products that your head will spin. Trust me. Don’t hesitate. Have him rip off his shirt and it’s all over. You’ll run out of products overnight.

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