Pageviews Responds Well to Critique on Her Hair


After a thrilling rafting vacation, Erin Andrews was back on assignment this week as she took her talents over to Cincinnati for the MLB All-Star Game.

Unfortunately, none of us will remember EA’s gripping interview with Jacob deGrom thanks to that sly dog Rob Manfred…

But you can always leave it to EA’s trolls to pick up on things no one cares about — like the supposed odd color of her hair:

@ErinAndrews your hair is yellow. Eek!!

— ColleteTheCat (@ColleteTheCat) July 15, 2015

Of course, EA, standing at the top of her field, could have just ignored her mentions, but where would the fun be in that? Twitter’s all about interaction, and EA’s always game for some banter:

@ColleteTheCat it's actually gray…I need my roots done

— Erin Andrews (@ErinAndrews) July 15, 2015