Charissa Thompson Works All-Star Festivities, Neymar Meets MJ & Lawler’s Lip

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It was a late night in Cincinnati

So we were at the MLB All-Star Bash in Cincinnati until about 1:30 this morning when I pulled the plug on waiting for Snoop to go on stage for a performance that was scheduled to be wrapped up at 2. Then I had an hour drive north so I’m dragging ass today. There were a couple of immediate observations from the party that stick out: It was literally 110-degrees — at least — in the old Cincinnati Enquirer printing plant building where the party was held. The coolest place was either the portable air conditioned restrooms or you went outside where it was only 90 with the humidity.

The other thing that stood out was Bryce Harper walking around virtually unrecognized. Oh, and the bar ran out of Bud Light, but there was plenty of Captain Morgan to pound for four hours.

Josh Elliott was married Saturday and the guy handling the ceremony was….

his buddy Sam Champion. Elliott married NYC news anchor Liz Cho.

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