Buy This Pretty Nice Ravens Creeper Van — $8,000

In the market for a nice Ravens tailgate that isn’t a Peterbilt truck or snow plow? Then head over to Maryland and check out this Ravens themed 1995 Ford Club Wagon XLT.
With those Ravens eyes on the hood and rear mirror, you can creep out traffic on all sides. $8,000 and it’s yours — more deets from the seller:

I have a 1995 Ford Club Wagon XLT. It’s a 5.8L V8. 99,154 miles. One owner very clean and very well taken care of. Great for tailgating at a Ravens game, or for your whole family.

Once again, we have another seller who isn’t providing pictures of the interior. Classic creeper van seller move. These guys think they can just throw out an outrageous price figure without giving us the whole picture. That’s why we’re here to call them out on it.

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