West Virginia Man Busted For Having Two Pet Deer Living In His Trailer

You know how experts say to learn something new each day of your life? It took me until just after noon today to learn that in West Virginia you can’t let deer live with you. That’s right, there are laws on the books in West Virginia that prohibit residents from confining wildlife “in an area where they are not able to roam free or come and go as they please,” according to the state natural resource police.
That brings us to a story that’s heating up today in Charleston, WV. It seems someone tipped off the animal police that some guy was living with deer in his mobile home — imagine that.
Anyway, the animal police busted him on July 4.
From Facebook:

NRP Officers Addesa and Nicely were on their way to work boat patrol when the received a complaint of deer being kept inside of a home in Cabell County. Officers responded to the home and found two bucks inside the residence. During their investigation NRP Officers learned that the deer had been living inside the home for at least a year. A man was charged and prosecution is pending. The deer were set free and the DNR Wildlife Section will be notified.

The deer had been living there for a year! A WHOLE YEAR! It wouldn’t be too hard to find a couple dogs to live in a West Virginia trailer. Just drive down the road and pluck a couple puppies running loose. BOOM…instant companions that will learn to drop a deuce outside and then come back to jump on the recliner.
Not this guy, he went straight to the deer route. And put up baby gates on the windows to keep the bastards from jumping out. Seems like you’d just let this guy go about his business as long as he’s not some pedo or banging his sister or something disgusting. He’s just minding his own business living with his buddies.
Now they’re gone. Let’s hope this doesn’t send old boy off a cliff.
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This thread might be referencing this situation. The trailer is in Cabell County, which includes the town of Milton.


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