Lindsey Pelas Showing Us How To Sunscreen On The 4th




There it is…the best damn sunscreen GIF that has ever hit the Internet thanks to the genius of the guys over at Playboy and the lovely Instagram legend Lindsey Pelas. The two genius camps came together to create the best 4th of July video you’ve seen in years, possibly ever.

It was such a great video, with such a great message, that I went to the bathroom and grabbed some sunscreen for my 3-day weekend (just kidding, I don’t actually get a vacation because Danny the Intern told me he doesn’t want to work Saturday).

It must be nice to get a 3-day weekend to drink your brains out. Not me. Danny called the other night and went over the days in July that he wouldn’t be working. Seriously, that’s how this goes with millennials. They tell you when they’re not working because they don’t want to work. The days of working at a job a year before getting days off is over. Millennials run the show now. The old guys have to work the holidays and weekends.

Oh well, I’ll just sit around and let Pelas keep me company. It’s just you and me, Pels.

[Lindsey Pelas – IG]

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