ESPN's Amin Elhassan Was J-O-K-I-N-G About Taking Mia Khalifa Out To Dinner

So from what I hear the Twitter police are at it again and this time we have married father Amin Elhassan, the ESPN NBA Insider, in the crosshairs. The premise of this Twitter takedown is that Amin was on the radio this week with Le Batard and mentioned something about getting a Twitter follow from Florida State porntress Mia Khalifa.
One thing led to another and Amin was joking about taking out Mia for dinner. And she heard the ‘joke’.

Now, because we live in 2015 where everyone is so serious and can’t take a joke, Twitter got bent out of shape that a married father would dare say he might have to take out Mia for a steak. Of course the Twitter police pounced and called out Amin for possibly sliding into Mia’s DMs.
That led to the obligatory public apology to keep this from going any further. I hope all you Twitter police are happy. You’re dumbing down the media to where they won’t say anything fun because they’re worried a boss (wife) will get fired up and can them. This has to end now. We need to go back to learning how to take a joke.

Of course Amin’s not going to slide into Mia’s DMs and ask her out to dinner. The guy is married. He’s not dumb enough to think his wife wouldn’t hear about this radio bit. Of course people are going to tell her Amin is joking again.

Apology time!

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