Jameis Winston Buys Ball For Boy At Astros Game, Autographs It



Just a few days after being lectured about how I do my job by Florida State fan John Hinsey, a manager at a Tallahassee Safety-Kleen business, I’m about to praise Jameis Winston for being a nice guy to a kid at Sunday’s Astros game. Now I know this is how I get in trouble with guys like John. We do a little digging around to see how athletes spent their weekend and do an innocent post.

John claims that Busted won’t do nice stories on Jameis because we’re out to get him, or something like that. John claims that real journalist write real stories. I assume that means a story like Jameis buying a ball for a little kid at the Yankees-Astros game and then autographing that ball for the little kid.

Great story, right? Real journalists should be all over this story, right? They aren’t. Here’s a “Jameis Winston Astros game” Google search. Nothing.

Nothing from Houston TV stations. Nothing from Houston sports blogs — if they exist. Nothing from Houston radio guys. Nothing from the Chron. Those real journalists aren’t telling the story of how Kerry Ponce and her son Aden were in town for a baseball tournament, but it was rained out so the kids spent the day at Minute Maid.

Those real journalists didn’t tell the story of how Aden’s family was looking around in the team shop when they met Jameis. One thing led to another and Jameis bought Aden a ball and signed it, making the kid’s day.

I assume a real journalist will eventually write something and this nice story will end up on the news. I’m sure that will make John happy.






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