Buy An Iowa Hawkeyes Tailgate Short Bus — $3500

Another week, another Iowa tailgating mobile. I wish I loved anything as much as those people up north love painting a big bus in black and gold. It seems like every week at this point we have a new one featured to get you ready for football season.
The funniest part about it is none of them are decked out in sweet features, either. They’re all just big ass piece of crap buses painted in the colors. People in Iowa seem to live very simple lives, and they don’t need a beer tap coming out of the side of the bus or 5 TVs and a sound system. Nope, all they need is to show their spirit by painting that thing up. This bus is no different.
From the seller:

Details posted in picture below–bus isn’t perfect needs some fixing up but it will take the right buyer who sees the potential for this bus! Can be used for many different things than just tailgating 🙂

Here’s the picture:

You gotta love the toilet/urinal feature because the worst part about tailgating is waiting in a stupid line to a nasty port-o-potty.

Buy This Bland Texas A&M Tailgating Bus — $15,000
Buy This Bland Texas A&M Tailgating Bus — $15,000
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