Buy This Bland Texas A&M Tailgating Bus — $15,000

Basically, this is an A&M bus only because of that giant ass logo on the back with the rest of it being a normal boring white bus. You can really just cover it with any logo and make it whatever team you want. I was hesitant to post it because of that. I mean come on guys, if you’re really a maniac Texas A&M fan that’s willing to drop dough on a bus, you’d at least have that thing painted maroon and white. But nope, just a boring old white bus with a logo on the back.
The owner tries to explain himself:

This is a 2006 E-450 Party Bus that has been converted from a shuttle used at an apartment complex into the ultimate tailgating machine ideal for large groups of people. We are asking $15,000 for this bus and below is a list of details about the bus along with the stuff that we have added/collected that will be included in the price:

Okay, so they took an apartment complex shuttle bus, threw a logo on it, and called it the ultimate tailgate machine. That’s not going to fly around these parts, buddy. Have you seen some of our buses?
He goes on to list more details:

  • 2006 Model E-450 with a free and clear title
  • 150,000 miles
  • Batteries and engine belt replaced before 2014 football season
  • Added a storage rack to the back used to hold the generator and ice chests during travel
  • Installed Winegard In Motion satellite that allows you to watch television while the vehicle is stationary or in motion
  • This satellite dish can run either DirecTV or Dish Network but only Dish Network is capable of capturing a HD signal. Will include 2 Dish Network VIP211 boxes if that is the service that you decide to use.
  • Bus has been wired to to watch the T.V. at the front of the bus during travel and also has a coax wired to the side of the bus to allow for viewing without running wires outside.
  • Bus has also been wired with a male 110V plug in the back since the satellite and inside T.V. run off of 110V power. This plug allows you to strap the generator on the storage rack in the back and supply power while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Includes a 39″ LED T.V. that is currently mounted in the front of the bus (purchased in 2013)
  • New stereo head unit as well as new speakers have been installed
  • Windows have been tinted with a limo tint
  • The seats inside the bus allow for storage space underneath so there is plenty of room to hold tents and chairs
  • This bus has both a front and rear A/C that work very well
  • We also have a separate package of tailgating gear that includes the following: Honda 2000W generator (purchased in 2013 and only used during tailgating), 3 10’x10″ maroon A&M pop-up tents, 10 maroon fold out chairs and a Vizio soundbar (bluetooth enabled) that we used for the T.V. that we set up outside. We would be willing to include this package for an extra $1000.

Outside of the TV and stereo system, this is just one of those classic tailgate buses where you pile in 25 of your idiots friends and get hammered before the game. Just beer and grilling is all you need, none of that fancy stuff. So I can respect that I guess.
[Craigslist – 2006 E-450 Texas A&M Party Tailgating Shuttle Bus]


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