Delly Does Cedar Point, Brugman & Tash Do Thailand & Rainbow General Lee

morning twitpics


Delly hustles at Cedar Point

Look at the hustle out of this guy. So many rides, so little time at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. The only way Delly could possibly pack it all into one day is by being scrappy, gritty, willing to hustle from one line to another and having a high motor. It looks like Delly and his girlfriend Anna Schroeder are going to have a fun Ohio summer. Maybe throw in a trip to Put-In-Bay to get trashed. Just live it up.

World’s Ugliest Dog contest winner

He’s just a little deformed, but I bet he’s pretty fun to take around town. Hot chicks are always down for a dog, especially one that appears to be a little down on his luck.

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

4 CFB favored EVERY Gm (Golden Nugget)

Ohio St (at least -14 every gm)

TCU (-5 at Oklahoma)

Clemson (-4.5 or less 6 gms)

Boise (-6 at BYU)