Blackhawks Parade, Russell Wilson At The US Open, & Bonds With Google Guy

Dan Again
One more day of me and James holding down the fort until Joe comes back Monday, I’ll be doing my normal weekend shifts this weekend. If you missed the golfer going after his ball by going one-on-one with a gator, you need to go check it out. One most insane/hilarious videos I’ve seen. It’s like something straight out of Happy Gilmore. That old man was just asking to be the white Chubbs.
We should’ve known the Charleston shooter was crazy all along
The Charleston shooting is an awful, awful story and we should all send prayers to the families affected. But did you see the guy who did it? The dude looked like he teleported straight out of 1995 with that bowl cut. Anybody with hair like that cannot be trusted. Obviously he was a complete psychopath, and it all makes sense now.
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