Worst Father's Day Gift, LeBron Took The Loss Hard, & Korea Doesn't Know American Sports

Bossman Joe Is On His Mini Vacation
Intern Dan back here to cover some of the shift today and the whole day tomorrow while our noble leader is taking a couple days off going into the weekend. You might have heard me arguing with some Tampa radio host the other day about Jameis Winston. The best part about it is their whole argument against me is the fact that I called the bar he was at the nicest bar in Tampa, when I guess it isn’t. Jameis is dumb and thought he could wear shorts to a club, and that was the whole point. But they kept coming at me with the fact that Blue Martini isn’t the nicest bar in Tampa when I could give two shits if it is or not. Nothing like those 8-11 pm radio hosts. Shout out to Johnny B Comedy and Nervous Jared, though.
This Rachel Dolezal story is my favorite story in while
Oh man this is my favorite story in a long time. A straight up white chick was the NAACP president in Spokane, Washington, got caught for being a white, and now literally her whole history is spilling out and it’s the most hilarious stuff ever. She’s identified herself as being black since she was 5 apparently, went to Howard University (the blackest college in America), got a nice spray tan and some dreads, and eventually became the president of an NAACP chapter. She claims her white parents aren’t her parents because she never had a DNA test, and when you look at this lady’s younger pictures and she’s about as white as wonder bread. All around just a crazy story and I don’t think it’s close to done yet.
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Chipper Jones Wedding Photos, Mr. Met With Lisa Ann & Dickie V. At Dentist Office
Chipper Jones Wedding Photos, Mr. Met With Lisa Ann & Dickie V. At Dentist Office
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