Chipper Jones Wedding Photos, Mr. Met With Lisa Ann & Dickie V. At Dentist Office

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I can finally go on a mini-vacation

The NHL is finished. The NBA is finished. The NFL Draft is behind us. It’s time to take Thursday and Friday off. I might even unplug for one of those days. You know the last time I had an entire week away from BC? Never in eight years. Remember when I got married and went to Mexico? I worked some of that trip. That’s how dedicated I am to you idiots. I’ll actually get up from a wild night in Mexico to blog for you morons. I constantly hear from people who think it must be amazing running a blog and not having to work in some hellhole office. The trade is that you’ll never go on vacation again like the old days.

College Baseball World Series

I’m hearing from many of you on the hot chicks being shown at the CWS. Send me screencaps over the next couple days. Not sure I’ll have ESPN where I’m headed. Actually, I’m hoping to not turn on a TV for the next few days.

Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo:

Most 3-pointers in a single postseason

Stephen Curry 98

Reggie Miller 58 (1999-2000)