Gilbert Arenas Smashing A Car, Paris Hilton Is Hot Again, Johnny’s Money Sign Is Dead

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Ah man we’ve reached the dog days of summer. No basketball, no football, just mid-June meaningless Major League Baseball and some College World Series games. The worst time of the summer as a sports fan is these next 6 weeks. Well, I guess we have NBA free agency coming in July and we’ll start getting into some college and NFL football stuff, but when it comes to games, there’s nothing meaningful going on. Except for I guess the Women’s World Cup. But still a perfect time to go to the beach or lake and get outside and catch some rays.

• Gilbert Arenas still finds ways to make headlines

• Paris Hilton looking good on a yacht

• Kate Hudson is still banging

• Hilary Duff has a fantastic rump

• If you wondered why you get red eyes after swimming, here’s the real answer

• No more money sign from Johnny

Charlotte McKinney was bullied because she had massive honkers as a kid


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I love how they all go silent when he drops 😂

— 30 Second Fights (@30SecKnockouts) June 16, 2015


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