Chunky Selena & T Swift Together, U.S. Open WAGs & Tom From MySpace Sighting

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You need to watch the College World Series game tonight for the crowd shots. Multiple people are telling me the CWS production has been off the charts this year. Keep an eye out for me. I’ll be driving. Other than that it’s going to be a miserable day for sports fans. You get the women’s World Cup or your ordinary MLB games. Summer is officially here.

Hottest U.S. Open wives & girlfriends

Tom from MySpace is now 44, looks pretty normal

Chunky Selena Gomez & T Swift together…I’m weak right now

Bet this Padres old timer likes to party hard

Camden Yards bullpen phone wasn’t working so…the Phillies did this

Former Ravens cheerleader pleads guilty to raping boy

Florida: Probably the best married guy cheating story of the week 

Meet Abby from Texas Tech

LAX Bro Deek of the Month

Unreal #SCtop10 #Braveheart @Jack_Loftus7 @3dLacrosse @3dNorthTexas

— Henry Watson (@Henry_Watson13) June 16, 2015

Sandwich of the Day

Pork chop sandwich. Cider brined pan fried chop, grilled onions, smoked paprika mayo & pickles on brioche.

— Angela Davis (@TheKitchenista) June 16, 2015