ESPN’s Kaylee Hartung Talks About TCU No Hitter In Front Of TCU Coach, TCU Loses

@KayleeHartung Have some feel.

— Dylan Fitzgerald (@DFitz38) June 17, 2015


Annnnnnddd…Kaylee Hartung is officially enemy number uno in Fort Worth, Texas. Nothing gets baseball nerds bent out of shape like an old fashioned unwritten baseball rule being broken by a dugout reporter. NOTHING.

Let’s set the scene for you. As you can see, Kaylee gets her in-game interview with coach Jim Schlossnagle before his team bats in the bottom of the 6th. It’s a pitchers duel. TCU’s Alex Young has a no-hitter going, but he’s not getting any run support.

First hitter in the 7th for Vanderbilt, Zander Wiel, goes yard. No-hitter is over. TCU trails and never scores. Game over. TCU goes to the losers bracket. Kaylee feels the wrath of…a Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist.

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Gil going all-in with “that stupid dugout interviewer.”

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I like that Kaylee put it all on the line to ask a possible career ender on the college baseball side of her resume. Took guts.


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All her fault, eh? Maybe the pitcher shouldn’t have grooved one.


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TCU had five hits.

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Because she’s the lead SEC Network reporter and TCU was playing Vandy.

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And this from a TCU professor

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