Grown Padres Man Dives In Front Of Kid For Ground-Rule Double

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What the hell is wrong with you idiots out there who are grown, still wearing shirseys, still at a 9-1 blowout in the 9th and diving in the sand in front of a little kid for a ground-rule double? Are you kidding me?
And what’s up with my guy Tom B. still watching this game at 9-1 in the 9th?
I’ve said it time and time again, that baseball is $20 online. Order several, scuff them up and display them for friends. Make up a story about how you dove over a wall for a foul ball. Tell them one of the balls is famous, like a Barry Bonds 760 HR ball.
The only positive part out of these grown men acting like idiots is that they do things that create content for me, which turns into pageviews and then money to pay my electric bill. Maybe I’m not mad after all.


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