Shocker…Ohio Redneck Baseball Moms Pulling Hair, F-Bombing At Little League Game


Look, after that whole Indianapolis Wal-Mart incident where the little kid was helping whup some ass with his mom, I’m hooked on moms fighting moms content. This seems like it’s going to be the Summer of the Trashy Moms fighting each other. I’m fine with that.

So here we are at the Champion baseball fields near Youngstown, Ohio, one of America’s great cities. I’m sure you’ve heard a few things about Youngstown. The crime. The affordable housing. The crumbling infrastructure. The (RIP) former congressman Jim Traficant.



So don’t be shocked that a couple moms at a Little League field would be pulling hair and dropping f-bombs. It happens in this part of the country.

“You’re screaming in front of my little kid…acting like a fuckin’ asshole,” said one mom. Don’t change, moms. You’re perfect just how you are.