Enrique Hernandez Added Some Flair to the Dodgers’ Intros


Compared to other sports, baseball player introductions are pretty blasé. The players’ names are on the scoreboard and the PA guy just reads them off as everyone politely claps. It truly is an underwhelming experience that doesn’t even come close to the over-the-top graphics and music the NBA and NFL utilize.

However, Dodgers infielder Enrique Hernandez attempted to give the fans a little something Tuesday night:

That girl in the white sweater was totally feeling it, as was Erin Andrews’ nemesis, Katie Cassidy:

According to Enrique, he was just having some fun:

Sorry Enrique, fun in baseball doesn’t last forever. I’m sure there’s some “purist” out there steaming that you broke some secret, unwritten rule about player intro etiquette.

Assistant Editor of Busted Coverage. Based in Los Angeles.
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