Erin Andrews Called Out By Jarret Stoll's Ex-Girlfriend

Erin Andrews takes punishment from just about ever pundit on Twitter who doesn’t appreciate her hats, scarves, questions, etc. You can add a new pundit to her list of detractors — Katie Cassidy, the ex-girlfriend of Jarret Stoll, who just happens to be living with Pageviews.

That’s David Cassidy’s daughter. I’ll assume this was just an innocent comment about Pageviews and that they’re friends who just happened to date the same hockey player.
This isn’t the first time Katie has trashed one of her ex-jock boyfriends. She once destroyed former Lakers stud Sasha Vujacic when he was traded out of L.A.
Yeah, the comment to Pageviews was probably innocent. LOLOLOLOLOL!

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