Red Bull BMX Rider Jumps Out Of Destroyed Silverdome Suite




Finally – someone has figured out a way to use the Silverdome. Leave it to Red Bull to make the decaying carcass of the Silverdome useful for a promotional video for a brand that was valued at $7.2 billion in May. That’s BMX rider Tyler Fernengel jumping out of suite and into a wasteland of seats that were never ripped out during the 2014 Silverdome auction.

According to Red Bull:

Fernegel, a native of Wyandotte, Michigan, just south of the Motor City, grew up going the best sports spectaculars at the stadium, and even raced Supercross there as a young boy. At 16, Fernengel turned pro after releasing several web edits detailing his remarkable skills as a street style BMX competitor.

The Lions final game at the Silverdome was played in 2001. The current owners of the building ran a contest in February to find a new use for the structure. The winning ideas are expected to be announced this month.


From my 2014 trip inside the Silverdome:

Today at the Silverdome.

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) July 11, 2014

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