Mother & Son Team Up To Whup Some Broad At Wal-Mart



Welcome to the Beech Grove, Indiana (southeast of Indianapolis) Wal-Mart where you never know what you’ll see, but it might include a mother and son going YOLO on some chick in the shampoo aisle. What do we have here? Probably the best mother-son vs. woman Wal-Mart fight in Internet history.

Just watch this craziness.

Part one:


Part two:

What is there to say here? Is the boy corrupted for life? Will you now shop at Wal-Mart for the tourism aspect? Would you want your kid going to first grade with that little maniac? Not me. And you can’t blame the shoppers for not stopping the brawl. One thing leads to another and you’re involved in a court case and you have YOLO mom and her son threatening your life. You don’t need that nonsense.

And this one is about to get some national exposure. The good news is that this should hit your Facebook feed within the next five hours or so.


I have tv reporters contacting me about my Walmart videos. It's going viral lol.

— Brian Marye (@bmurree24) June 8, 2015


[Video by @bmurree24  |  HT: @WorldofIsaac]