Buy This Houston Texans-Texas A&M Tailgate Van — $148,000

Do you double as a Houston Texans and Texas A&M fan? Are you also loaded? Then get ready to keep your shit under control, because the ultimate Texans-Aggies tailgate van can be yours for the “steal” price of $148,000. This rare opportunity is afforded to you because the original owner “has lost interest in tailgating.”
Information from the seller:

IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO BE THE ENVY OF ANY TAILGATE PARTY THIS IS THE TICKET!!! As mentioned above in the title, this is a 2012 freightliner sprinter. This thing is THE WORLDS MOST INSANE TAILGATING VEHICLE! !!! Winner of tailgater of the game and 2nd place tailgater of the year! This sprinter was built at the shop I work at for a good customer. Unfortunately the customer has lost interest in tailgating and this vehicle is up for a steal of a price. This is a one off vehicle, there is not anything like this! The original cost of this build out was a little over $275,000.

My god…someone dropped $275,000 on this thing and still lost interest? Serious rich people problems.

Why  the Texans/Aggies van costs so damn much:

  • Everything controlled by an Apple or Android device
  • 10 total TVs in van
  • Wifi
  • Propane grill
  • 50 speakers with 14 subwoofers in various locations
  • Ultra leather couches, wood floors

Basically, this thing is insane and perfect for the (rich) tech savvy tailgater. Personally, controlling everything with a remote sounds like a total pain in the ass, but to each his own.
[Craigslist- Texans/A&M Van]

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