Greg Oden In Hawaii, John Wall Playing Craps & Terrible HTTR Tat

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Why I’m supporting the Cavs

Because I root for the team that will give BC the most content. Let’s say the Warriors win. You might get a couple videos out of Riley Curry and maybe something out of Draymond Green. The fans will celebrate, there will be a parade and that will be it. Now let’s say the Cavs win. You’ll have the LeBron side of things, Delly’s girlfriend might make an appearance and J.R. Smith might go on a strip club celebration tour. AND CAVS FANS WILL PARTY IN THE STREETS FOR LIKE TWO WEEKS. THEY’LL CLIMB LIGHT POLES. THEY’LL POUR BEERS ON EACH OTHER. THEY’LL PASS OUT IN THE STREETS. THEY’LL PUKE IN THE STREETS. THEY’LL DROP F-BOMBS ON LOCAL TV.

BC’s pick: Cleveland.

WSOP Colossus winner is…

this guy. He beat out more than 22,000 players to win the most entered game in poker history.

Numbers fromĀ @ESPNStatsInfo:

Teams that win Game 1 of Stanley Cup Final win series 77% of the time, but last team to win Cup after losing Game 1 at home? 2004 Lightning.