Bama Convertible Top, 49ers Bank Robber & Sears Vs. Pizza

NBA Finals layoff
If you were thinking it has to be a record for a NBA Finals layoff, you’d be right. It is. The teams love it. The fans hate it. ESPN/ABC don’t care what you think because they’re going to put games on specific days that will win the ratings. Plus, they had the women’s College Softball World Series lined up on ESPN. So you’re left waiting and waiting. Game 7 would be June 19. The 2015-16 season opens somewhere around October 28.
Don’t plan on suing Foxwoods Casino if they say you were cheating in mini baccarat
Three Chinese gamblers found out the hard way and didn’t get their winnings or deposit back after a December incident. The deposit was $1.6 million.
Numbers from @RJinVegas:

Starting QB odds (via JT Barrett -125 (43% chance) Cardale Jones +120 (35% chance) Braxton Miller +250 (22% chance)

Chris Berman & Andre Reed On Blonde, Manziel Sucking Face, Plus Samoan Andy Dalton
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