Miss Alabama Contestants Burying Their Faces In Dreamland Ribs


Slow clap…slow clap…slow clap…

Look, the safe play for the Miss Alabama 2015 organization is to have pageant winners visit a nursing home or some sort a school for disadvantaged kids for a media hit. Not Alabama. That’s what normal states do. In Alabama, you take the contestants to Dreamland BBQ, the official BBQ of the state, and have the girls shove their faces in a plate of ribs.

According to AL.com:

The rules were simple.
You can touch the plate, you can maneuver the plate, but you cannot touch the rib.
Ellen Hardy from Anniston, #MissCircleCity, beat out last year’s rib #eatingcontest winner KeLeigh Edwards from Smiths Station, Miss Chattahoochee Valley, and 6 other Miss Alabama competitors.

Now that’s a talent competition I can respect. No hands? I’m all in on this. Periscope the shit out of this and I’d watch all day long. This combines three of my favorite things in life: Women, food and technology.

Good work, Alabama. #RollTide.

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