James Harden In Bed With Farrah Flossit…No Way That's Her Real Name

James Harden in bed with some broad named Farrah Flossit should surprise nobody. If you’re going to run with the strip club scene, you’re going to get burnt now and then. You might have a side piece blow you up. You might have some crazy thot out you on Insty. That’s just how the world works right now, especially if you run with the wrong crowd.
Like I said, this isn’t James’ first rodeo. Here’s some hoochie from 2013:

This is why you shouldn’t be shocked that Harden got nailed by Farrah Flossit. Maybe he had it coming. It could be worse. A simple sleeping photo can be explained to his girlfriend Amber Rose.
• Flossit broke in
• Flossit was working as a maid at a Los Angeles hotel while the Rockets were in the Western Conference Finals and didn’t knock
• Flossit used Photoshop
So many ways to get out of it. However, Rose might be able to put two and two together and realize James leads a life that includes hoochies. It’s just what he does at 25.

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