Caitlyn Jenner Tried To Hook Up Kendall With Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth missed out on one of the better opportunities in his life, according to a conversation he had with ESPN’s Jason Sobel. Imagine being given the opportunity by Caitlyn Jenner to hook up with her daughter, Kendall. It wasn’t like Spieth had to marry her. It’s not like Kendall would be more than just a fling before going back to her Instagram bitch face life.
Nope. Spieth wasn’t biting.

How is that even possible for Spieth? How are you not aware of Kendall or at least launch a Google offensive to get more intel. Here’s Caitlyn Jenner offering up a date with her daughter and you’re not going to do more than say no? That’s weird.
Of course it worked out in the end because Spieth was all about that Texan life and eventually ended up dating Annie Verret.
Could’ve had this, Spieth. Your Instagram follower count would be insane.


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