Chris Berman & Andre Reed On Blonde, Manziel Sucking Face, Plus Samoan Andy Dalton

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How much to … Caitlyn Jenner?

I knew you guys would start posing questions about Caitlyn Jenner so let’s clarify a few things. There’s not enough beer or money in the world so that’s all out of the question. So, let’s make this more realistic. How much would you need to drink to look at the topless photos? Is it even that big of a deal to look at Caitlyn topless pics? It’s just Bruce with implants. It would be like Bruce having man cans, right? I’d probably take a look after a 12-pack. No biggie.

Unique sentencing

A judge who hands out unique sentences has struck again. A woman from near Cleveland will be shot with pepper spray by the victim as part of her sentence.

Numbers fromĀ @SportsTaxMan:

Felix Hernandez lasted 4 2/3 allowed 6 hits walked 5 and gave up 7 earned runs. He made $135,831 today.

Gronk Stops Tow Truck, Jay Cutler Smiled & Tigers Old Batboy