Roger Clemens 1983 Scouting Reports



I’ve been slacking on MLB scouting reports ever since Joe Student left BC for a new job in North Carolina so it’s time to get things ramped back up and we might as well start with a Roger Clemens report that recently showed up on eBay. The Red Sox scouting report for Clemens from the spring of 1983 was auctioned for $50 in April.

Another Clemens scouting report from the estate of Danny Doyle, the scout who signed Clemens, was listed in March for $199. “Clemens was big, strong and already had big-league stuff, but a lot of my scout friends said they wouldn’t take him high in the draft,” Doyle wrote for Sporting News in 2003.

The Sox drafted Clemens at #19. Tim Belcher went #1.  The Astros (see below) took catcher Robbie Wine. He had six hits in 23 games and that was the end of his MLB career.



1982 Clemens report from the Doyle estate



And compare those with a report from the Astros: “Worth $38,000.” About $90,000 in current money, according to Internet calculators.