Buy This Oklahoma State Tailgate Limousine — $2,100


If any Oklahoma State fans are looking to change the tailgate scene forever, look no further than this 1988 Cadillac limousine. Yes, a goddamn limousine with flames on the sides. Trust us, everyone their mother have already seen all the buses, vans, and RVs — but a limo? That’s pretty fresh.

Details from the seller:

Runs and drives great. Two brand new tires. not perfect whatsoever. it’s a vintage OSU limo, supposedly used to drive around pistol pete back in the day! $2100 firm. Needs to sell quick or I’m taking it with me to Kansas.

Not going to lie, that’s an impressive power play by the owner setting a firm price and ultimatum. Good way to weed out the real players from pretenders.

The one downer here is that it looks like one of the side panels was damaged, covering up part of the flame. But hey, it’s not like your breaking bank at $2,100. Bite the bullet and make the necessary fixes later on if you must.

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