Back Flip Catch Videos Are All The Rage Right Now On The Internet

I don’t what happened, but all of the sudden these back flip catch vines/videos have blown up on the internet. I’ve seen about 10 of these videos in the last few days and guess what? I’m going to post all of them right here.

That’s absolutely insane. If someone would’ve asked me a couple weeks ago if I thought it was even possible to do that, I would’ve told them to get out of my face with that nonsense. But now there’s like 10 different kids blowing up on the internet doing it. The NFL in about 5 years is just going to be full of super athletes making insane acrobatic catches. OBJ is just the beginning.
And just for fun, I’ll throw in this white boy back flip catching a frisbee.

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Buy This Penn State Tailgate RV — $24,500
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