Buy This Penn State Tailgate RV — $24,500

Looking to make a splash in the Penn State tailgate market? Well, you won’t have to look too far from home, because a 1996 Born Free RV is available for purchase in State College. It’s flashy and has a custom paint job, but I must warn you, it’ll set you back in the money department — $24,500 to be exact.
Information from the seller:

This is the vehicle you need to have an amazing tailgating experience. This completely rebuilt and customized vehicle has everything you need for a great tailgate. It is “legal” for all tailgate spots at Penn State. From its customized blue upholstery with white piping to the faux tiled floor, everything about it says Penn State fan.
It is a Born Free Sports Wagon on a Ford chassis. Equipment includes a king dome satellite tracking receiver, a remote engine start, a propane powered refrigerator, microwave, two burner propane stove a versa arm swing out grill holder, two zone speaker system with sub woofer, backup camera, two deep cycle batteries to power the coach area equipment, heavy duty inverter to charge coach batteries, Sony Blu-ray Player, a Dish VIP 211K receiver, Yamaha two zone receiver, a Samsung 32 inch flatscreen, and a Party King three burner grill. The finishing touch is a customized Penn State paint job from front to back. If you are really interested, we can talk about the price.

Normally this is the part where we tell you to split the cost among a bunch of your friends if you can’t foot the bill yourself. Unfortunately, that (probably) isn’t possible here. On the plus side, if you’re flushed with cash, you’re basically coming away with everything you’ll need for a drunken tailgate experience.
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