You Hate Facebook Baby Photos, But Want Kids At Press Conferences?


What drove you away from using Facebook? Political rants from morons you went to high school with? Memes that clogged the timeline? Baby photos? I’m talking like 5,000 baby photos of a kid from the same mother? How many times do you hear your cool friends say they quit using Facebook because of all the baby photos. You’ve heard the hipster crowd complaining and taking their cool food photos to Instagram.

That brings us to the Steph Curry situation that went down last night and Brian Windhorst complaining about how it was difficult for the media to do a job when Curry can’t answer a question because his 2-year-old daughter is on his lap.

And that turned into a shitstorm…from Twitter hipsters who won’t use Facebook because parents are always fawning over their kids and want their kids put on a pedestal. Odd.

I get that it’s always necessary to shit on the media guys because they’re constantly whining about something. So here’s what we’ll do: Eliminate press conferences. Twitter hipsters think they’re worthless and a joke so there’s no need to have them.


This coming from the home of  hip sports bloggers:

Bottom line: We need more adorable kids at press conferences, not fewer.

— SB Nation NBA (@SBNationNBA) May 20, 2015

And more from SB Nation:

The press conference is an event of limited time frame staged so that reporters on deadline can get quotes to print as efficiently as possible. That’s their job, and this is for them, and in turn for those of us who want to know what players have to say after they play. How many of us is that, really? Would we rather hear Stephen Curry’s likely-rote answers to likely-boring questions, or would we rather just watch a toddler enjoy her moment on national TV?

How many posts in the history of SB Nation have been created around a simple press conference question? Lots.┬áSBNation pays some of their bills via press conference posts…but, remember, press conferences are worthless.

So which is it: Press conferences are worthless and the stupid media guys ask the same stupid questions; or, we need press conferences that are overrun by cute little kids because it’s cute and it makes newspaper guys mad.

I just hope Twitter hipsters don’t get tired of kids at press conferences like they’re tired of Facebook baby photos. That would be a bad look.