Dan Haren Flying Coach, Having Armrest Issues

Marlins pitcher Dan Haren is experiencing some serious first world problems on this Thursday afternoon. The righty is en route to Miami, but instead of flying comfortably on the team jet, it looks like Haren stayed in Los Angeles a little longer than his teammates and caught a later flight.

The 6’5″ Haren is paying the price big time with a coach ticket, and everyone’s worst nightmare: the armrest battle:

Sir can I have one damn inch of the armrest. I'm 8 inches taller than you. pic.twitter.com/CaxU1jlXpQ

— dan haren (@ithrow88) May 14, 2015

I assumed proper etiquette was that the middle seat gets both armrests, though I suppose factors can sway that a bit when the person sitting next to you is a giant.

As for why Haren is flying coach, he addressed that question to his followers:


Stay strong, Dan. Try not to engage in armrest warfare — trust me, no one wins.