Buy This Browns Tailgate Bus (w/ Fireplace) — $3,500


At some point, we will probably run out of Cleveland Browns tailgate mobiles to post. Today, however, is not that day, because currently available on Craigslist is a Browns party bus that can seat at least 15 of your alcoholic friends.

More information from the seller:

1978 Full size party bus. It is in great shape inside and out but we think it needs a little loving under the hood. The engine (V8) was replaced last year with a new/used one that had 40,000 miles on it. We have not started it since. It is owned by a couple non-wrenching Browns fans and we had a ton of fun with this thing (including road trips to Detroit etc). Inside has bench seating, a propane fireplace, small tv/vcr combo, bathroom that kinda works, “kitchen” area that kinda works, a bear skin rug and a coffee table that will prevent drinks from spilling all over the plush carpet inside. According to the guy who put the engine in (we can put you in touch with him), it should be ready to roll after some carburetor adjustments. However, one of us is moving and it’s time to let this baby experience Browns games, Bucks games and concerts with a new crew of peeps. You will have a blast with this thing…as will 30 of your friends…You may have seen it around the Muni lot, and if you did, and asked us to come on board to pee, you know how sweet she is…Let us know if you wanna come see it – she sleeps near Steelyard Commons.

Not totally sure what this guy is talking about. How can you say something is in “great shape inside and out” and then follow it up with the bathroom and kitchen kinda work? I think any potential buyer should play hardball with this loon and spend no more than $2,000. That way you can fix whatever needs to be fixed, and maybe spruce up the exterior with some Browns decals.

Sidenote 1: A 12” TV/VCR combo?!?!? Seriously?

Sidenote 2: A fireplace seems wildly unnecessary and dangerous. I like it.

[Craigslist- Browns Party Bus]


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