Buy This Bengals/Reds Combo Tailgate Short Bus — $3,500

Do you consider yourself the No. 1 Cincinnati sports fan in the world? Then there’s really no excuse to not cement that position by purchasing this dual Bengals/Reds tailgate bus. It will only set you back $3,500 or a pickup truck…
More information from the seller:

1993 Chevy bus for sale. Pretty good shape no rust. Has roughly 100,000 miles. Runs great new battery newer tires are used it for bar transportation to and from baseball and football games. Also doubles as a great work truck. Would consider trades for a pick up truck or SUV.

It’s always interesting when sellers provide the additional option of a trade, like there’s some sort of scale to measure a fair “bus for car” deal. I suppose if you have a junky truck or SUV — with equivalent mileage — that you don’t want, it’s worth a shot. Otherwise, the price isn’t terrible to ride in style to watch either the Red Rifle or Joey Votto.
[Craigslist- Bengals/Reds Bus]

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