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Portnoy put on a pageviews-generating clinic

No matter what you think of El Pres at Barstool (we’ve had a few battles over the years, but my respect for the operation is at an all-time high right now), he put on a media and pageviews generating clinic yesterday inside the NFL headquarters. Nothing gets the attention of the Internet and drama-hungry media outlets like handcuffing four guys inside the HQ and waiting for the NYPD to send you to jail. It takes balls to welcome a trip to a NY jail cell for an evening with “12” eye black’d on your face. I’m not sure what the price is to cover court costs for four trespassing charges, but I’ll bet it’s not as much as Portnoy will make from the pageviews and free marketing generated from the thousands of mentions across social media, TV news stories and radio. Colleges should teach what happened on Tuesday to business majors. The timing was perfect. The cause was hilarious. The return on investment was insane.

Here I thought buying Cam Newton’s BCS game pants for $1,500 and having a Playmate model them was the perfect ROI.

Riviera liquidation sale

Is this Thursday. They’re selling it all. The tables. The beds. Here’s what’s for sale.

Numbers from @PhilNoLimits:

Hey, I know for sure “cheats” at Blackjack — he’s a card counter (I taught him). About the same advantage gain – 1-2%?

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