Paulina Gretzky Warming Up, Tony Romo at Grocery & Barry Gets Into Hall

morning twitpics

Hiring Pete Rose was a brilliant move by Fox Sports 1

So you have Twitter/blogger hipsters like Erik who couldn’t wait to bag on Fox Sports 1 for hiring Pete Rose to be an analyst for a new pregame/in-game show. Take away Pete Rose and the same Twitter/blogger guys would bag on FS1 for being boring and predictable. Pete Rose was great last night in his FS1 debut. He was raw, not coached like the robots on ESPN and MLB. He’s watchable. He’s unpredictable and you never know what story he’s going to come up with. So you watch. And more people than normal will watch once word starts to spread. Great job by Fox.

Vegas resort news

Looks like MGM Resorts might rename the Monte Carlo. Looks like the cheap European vacation in a Nevada desert could be coming to an end. Remember, there’s a new arena being built between the Carlo and New York New York.

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

Prior to suspension (): season win total 10.5 (over -130). Now 10 (under -150). Equates to > a full game downgrade.