Browns Fan Going Through Divorce, Selling Tailgate Winnebago — Just $1,000


With all the positive buzz surrounding the new and improved Johnny Manziel, I’d say it’s about time for Browns fans to take advantage of the fact that they live in the tailgate capital of the world (Ohio) and purchase a tailgate-mobile. And it’s not like you have to go all out and drop $50,000 on a tricked out bus. Just head over to Strongsville, Ohio and take a 1956 Browns Winnebago off someone’s hands for just $1,000!

More information from the seller:

The ultimate tailgating machine. This 1956 Rv has been converted to look like the 1976 Winnebago. Then I turned it into a tailgating beast. It’s got a bathroom, keg tap inside and outside. Sound system inside and outside, PA system, TV inside, seating for 12, party lights pull out grill and tons more. I blew a head gasket last yr that’s why I’m selling it so cheap. First come it’s yours. Need to get rid of it bc going thru a divorce and need the money or I would keep it. This thing is awesome!

I can’t stress how much potential this baby has. First off, you’re only dropping a thousand, so there’s definitely a budget to get some cool Browns decor for the interior. Factor in the PA system, keg taps, and party lights and you’re good to go for Johnny’s sophomore run.


As an added bonus, you’re helping this poor sap pay lawyers for his divorce. Win, win.

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[H/T to @IrishRunnerCLE]