Rex Ryan’s Truck Hitting Buffalo Wild Wings and Walmart


There’s no greater phenomenon in New York right now than Rex Ryan’s Buffalo Bills truck. People pretty much lose all of their bearings and pop out their smartphones at the mere sight of it. This past weekend was no different.

Classic “truck on the road” picture:

Oh hey Rex Ryan nice truck

— Brooke Little (@broookeelil) April 5, 2015

Even when parked, it manages to spur important questions:

At Buffalo Wild Wings with the gentlemen and we see Rex Ryan's truck next door but we aren't quite sure where he is.

— Brandon (@BBGun423) April 4, 2015

(Probably went with a sneaky takeout order, Joseph.)

Still surprised people at Walmart didn’t riot when Rex and the truck came passing through:

Finally, a nice shot of the truck absolutely dominating its bar parking space:

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