Cleveland Indians Twitter "Threatens" SI for Criticizing Their Defense

We’re still super early in the baseball season, but man, it isn’t looking too hot for everyone’s chic breakout pick of 2015: the Cleveland Indians. The team is dead last in the AL Central at 10-17, Corey Kluber is winless (although his advanced peripherals indicate things aren’t that bad), Yan Gomes is still a month away from returning, and the defense? The defense has been abysmal, to say the least.
Per FanGraphs, the Indians rank 28th in both Defensive Runs Saved (-16) and Defense (-11.4). In fact, their defense is so bad that Sports Illustrated, who picked the Indians to win the World Series, wrote a story about it and posed the following question on Twitter:

The social media manager of the Indians’ Twitter account decided to have some fun with the jab, and replied by threatening to cancel their SI subscription:

SI’s Twitter guy (or gal) didn’t seem too bothered:

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