Tommy Lasorda Tearing Up A Buffalo Wild Wings

The last time I checked in on Tommy Lasorda he was putting on an eating exhibition in Cooperstown right out in the open where people could see the Dodgers legend slam mozzarella sticks, ice cream and a hot dog.
Last week, he was holding court at the Whittwood Town Center Bdubs in Whittier, California where he shared stories with the waitresses. Tommy might be 87, but that doesn’t stop the machine from ordering a draft and talking baseball while his shirt button holds on for dear life.
It’s good to see that Tom is in good enough health to get the tall draft at Bdubs. Most grandpas roll in and get the short because doctor’s orders. Not Tom. You see this guy even attempting to lose weight at 87? Not a chance. At this point he’s just going balls to the walls living life to the fullest. If that includes getting his buzz on at Bdubs, then that’s what Tom’s going to do.



ARod's College Football Tour Rolls Into Bama Frat
ARod's College Football Tour Rolls Into Bama Frat
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